About us

The Directorate of Afghan Diaspora Affairs is established under First Vice President’s Office. As the lead agency, Directorate of Afghan Diaspora Affairs in coordination with other governmental institutes, national and international organizations and Diaspora Associations across the world; is responsible to establish association with the Afghan Diaspora communities and utilize their participation for the social, cultural and economic development of Afghanistan.


Our vision is to have a global network of committed and capable diaspora communities for inclusive participation in Afghanistan's development.


Our mission is to establish, lead and maintain effective coordination and cooperation between government institutions related to diaspora affairs, national and international institutions, and diaspora associations abroad to productively utilize the Afghan Diaspora community for the social, cultural, and economic development of their homeland, Afghanistan; and ultimately to support and strengthen this community around the world.


  • Establish regular and sustainable link between the Government of Afghanistan and Afghan diaspora communities around the world, demonstrating Afghanistan's transnational commitment to its citizens abroad;
  • Establish and maintain mutual and effective cooperation between relevant national and international organizations for better management of Afghan diaspora affairs;
  • Lay the groundwork of an appropriate and dynamic environment to encourage the participation of the Afghan Diaspora in the social and economic development of Afghanistan;
  • Support and reinforce Afghan diaspora communities to cultivate their commitment for development of Afghanistan;
  • Support the proposed projects and approaches of the Afghan women diaspora in order to empower Afghan women in Afghanistan;
  • Bolstering Afghanistan's political interests abroad;
  • Building effective mechanisms to better utilize the competences and capacities of the Afghan diaspora in various sectors
  • Reinforcement of the cultural and national values ​​of Afghanistan among Afghan Diaspora communities across the world

Contact us

Email-address:              afghandiaspora@fvp.gov.af

Phone Number:                 +93(0)777828555

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