Amrullah Saleh, First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Dear citizens of Kabul:

Under the direction of  Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Honorable President of Afghanistan, I will be directly involved in the security issues of Kabul for some time.

In the way of enforcing the law in order to ensure the security of the people, I do not have anything called expediency (of any kind) and pity for crime in my dictionary.

I will fulfill my other duties and responsibilities as in the past, the implementation of the Security Pact will be part of this program.

I know Kabul like the back of my hand, all my other duties and responsibilities will be performed normally as before, you can be sure.

The list of thieves, thugs, harassers, extortionists, lawbreakers, usurpers of public property and people - recurring criminals who operate under the guise of and seemingly law-abiding bullies are all pre-arranged.

So work with your security forces with confidence and trust, and in any way you can convey your information and issues to me, further strengthening Afghanistan's security institutions and bringing them closer to different segments of society is another part of the program, different tools. And there are many to connect, so do not hesitate and play your part and role in the suppression of crime. God willing.